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    Many women suffer from cellulite and, although it is harmless to your health, it can damage your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are some amazing creams that you can use to help fight back against cellulite.
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Fat Girl Sleep Review

Fat Girl Sleep is a night cream designed to promote sleep. Although this is a complementary product to Fat Girl Slim, this cream does not make any claim to firm the skin or cause weight loss. Rather, Fat Girl Sleep is designed to promote a healthy sleep cycle at night, which is thought to help promote good health and weight management. Fat Girl Sleep, although possibly beneficial for relaxation and sleep, is not a product that will reduce the appearance of cellulite on its own.

Benefits of Fat Girl Sleep

Although Fat Girl Sleep does contain some ingredients aimed at reducing water retention, the only real benefit claimed by the product’s manufacturer is that the product promotes sleep and optimizes the time when the body would normally be at rest. If true, this product could help to promote the skin’s firmness in an indirect way. Many fitness experts believe that getting a healthy amount of sleep each night is critical in staying fit and successfully managing one’s weight. However, the manufacturer never explicitly claims the product can do this.

Ingredients in Fat Girl Sleep

The main ingredients in Fat Girl Sleep include an encapsulated complex of sacred lotus flower, red algae extract and soothing lavender. Sacred lotus extract and red algae extract work to reduce water retention. These ingredients are commonly used in the beauty industry in other anti-inflammatory products and have been shown to provide some beneficial results. Lavender essence is also commonly used in sleep products and is known to promote relaxation and other aromatherapy benefits. Given the fact that this product already contains proven ingredients, there may be some truth to its claim that it promotes healthy sleep.

Does Fat Girl Sleep Work?

Fat Girl Sleep may help promote relaxation and healthy sleep for most people. Lavender essence is commonly used in aromatherapy to help promote sleep and relaxation, so as long as you don’t have a medical condition preventing sleep, it’s likely that you may get more sleep while using this product. Whether Fat Girl Sleep reduces the appearance of cellulite is less clear. A tenuous argument that Fat Girl Sleep reduces cellulite by promoting more sleep which may in turn promote healthy weight management and thus work to reduce cellulite might be made, but this seems to be a weak argument. The product manufacturer doesn’t even make that claim anywhere on its packaging. In summation, if you’re looking to use this in conjunction with the Fat Girl Slim firming cream and you feel you need some extra help getting to sleep, this product may benefit you. Otherwise, there’s not much evidence that you’ll get any results from the cream on its own.

Where to Buy Fat Girl Sleep

You can only get Fat Girl Sleep online; there’s no dedicated site for it, but you can find other online retailers who offer it – sometimes they have specials or deals running, too.

If you’re not sure about trying Fat Girl Sleep, don’t worry – there are other cellulite creams that you can consider.

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