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    Many women suffer from cellulite and, although it is harmless to your health, it can damage your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are some amazing creams that you can use to help fight back against cellulite.
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Cellutone Review

Cellutone claims to be the first skin care product that permanently reduces cellulite by using the basic components found in the egg. Cellutone is said to stimulate blood flow and break down toxic build up through its patented blend of ingredients. These ingredients soak into the skin and cause stored lipids in the targeted area to be used as energy. Cellutone’s manufacturer, L’Avenir, claims that although other companies have attempted to introduce a similar product it is the only company that has successfully done so. Cellutone, the manufacturer claims, is more effective than other cellulite treatments because of its patented blend of active ingredients. But does Cellutone really work? Read on.

Benefits of Cellutone

Cellutone is said to produce a permanent elimination of cellulite due to its Ovasome™ Technology. The manufacturer of Cellutone claims that other creams using caffeine and aminophylline are ineffective because these ingredients only remove excess water out of the skin, producing an effective but temporary effect. Massage also removes cellulite by breaking down the skin’s elasticity and producing a smoothing effect over time, but only temporarily. The makers of Cellutone allege that using caffeine, aminophylline and massage to treat cellulite is actually harmful. However, many professionals recommend treatments that include these elements, and all three are generally considered safe in the beauty industry. Cellutone claims that its Ovasome™ Technology produces an effect that is permanent and safe. However, it is questionable how removing toxins can be permanent unless it is somehow guaranteed that no toxins will ever build up again without the use of Cellutone.

Ingredients in Cellutone

Rather than using caffeine, aminophylline or massage as many other cellulite creams do, Cellutone uses Ovasome™ Technology, which is essentially the technology used to incorporate eggs into a skin care product. The egg contains more than 70 vitamins, minerals and proteins, which the product manufacturer claims break down toxins that build up on the body’s fat cell receptors. Once these toxins are removed, fat cells return to their normal size, resulting in a reduction of inflammation and the appearance of cellulite.

Does Cellutone Work?

Given the limited amount of information available on the effectiveness of the ingredients in Cellutone, it is unclear whether it actually works. It is unlikely that the product produces a permanent effect as it claims. Cellutone’s manufacturers claim the effect is permanent because it works by removing toxins. However, it is unclear how a one-time removal of these toxins would create an effect that lasts permanently, since more toxins will likely build up in the body over time.

Furthermore, Cellutone attempts in its advertising to discredit other cellulite treatments that have been shown to be effective, saying they are dangerous and only temporary. While most cellulite treatments are admittedly temporary, many professionals believe that creams containing caffeine and aminophylline are safe for regular use. Massage is also commonly believed to be safe for the treatment of cellulite. Given Cellutone’s questionable statements made in its advertising, it seems unlikely that its advertising contains much fact.

Where to Buy Cellutone

You can only get Cellutone online; the manufacturer sells it online for an introductory price of $59, plus shipping and handling, for a 60-day supply.

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