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    Many women suffer from cellulite and, although it is harmless to your health, it can damage your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are some amazing creams that you can use to help fight back against cellulite.
    Learn more about cellulite creams in this article.

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Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish

Best Anti Cellulite Cream
Going for about $40 for a 6 ounce tube, Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish is a disappointing cellulite cream. The product seems to do nothing as far as assisting buyers cover up or prevent the appearance of ugly cellulite on their bodies. While Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish is easily obtainable on the market, there are certainly better cosmetic products for you to spend your money on.

What is Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish?

Created to cover cellulite bumps in the legs, thighs and buttocks, Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish is a well-known skin treatment. Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish runs for about $40 for a 6 ounce tube, and claims to help users look thinner. All a customer has to do is rub it over the cellulite and it should look much better in only a few days’ time. However, there is no scientific proof, let alone possible reasons, that Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish makes any difference in assisting men or women’s appearances. The most beneficial factor that Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish has going for it is its availability. Consumers can find the product in many different retailers, both in stores and on the internet.

The Ingredients of Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish

Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish is proud of its botanical ingredients, with no chemical compounds whatsoever. A user simply rubs it over bumps of on the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The main ingredient used in Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish is Betaine. Supposedly, Betaine keeps a person’s skin from dehydrating. Consisting of protein and micronutrients, green micro algae deliver important nutrients to the skin. Energy can be boosted by Guarana. Containing plenty of caffeine, guarana can be found in many energy drinks. Finally, the cellulite cream is made with fennel seed extract. But it is unclear how fennel seed extract actually benefits an anti cellulite cream. The reasons for much of the product’s ingredients are unknown, and the company doesn’t disclose any additional information.

Final Thoughts on Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish

While the $40 it costs to purchase a 6 ounce tube of Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish isn’t very expensive, it is still a waste of money. Perhaps this wouldn’t be the case if consumers knew how the ingredients helped fight cellulite. Arbonne Figure 8 Vanish cannot compare to other cosmetic products available to help men and women overcome cellulite issues. A better cream, like RevitaShape, really does tone and tighten skin. It is made with Gotu Kola and caffeine to dehydrate the skin for a tighter, firmer appearance. At the same time, the product reduces the amount of excess fat in a person’s body, which causes cellulite bumps. And the best part, RevitaShape really works.

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